What SSL Do I Need?


So, you’ve come to understand that you need an SSL Certificate. But, there are several different types. Which is the best for you?
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Back to the Basics

If you only have one site or one subdomain of a site that you wish to secure with an SSL certificate, a Standard SSL is your best option. If you want to secure just a section of your website, such as shop.example.com, but not another area, then a Standard SSL for just that sub-domain will be all that you need.

Multiple Subdomains

If your site has multiple subdomains, however, you will need more than just a Standard SSL. For this configuration, you will need a Wildcard SSL. Wildcard SSL can cover as many subdomains as you need.

Levels of Validation

Standard SSL and Wildcard SSL certificates not only secure your site, but also demonstrate that you have the right to a particular domain name, insofar that the certificate authority is aware.
If you want a more comprehensive validation, getting and Organization SSL shows that your company has been reviewed by the certificate authority. The verification details are visible in a browser when a user clicks on the Secure Site Seal, giving additional information to site users.
If you want a more thorough validation that is more visible in the browser, and Extended Validation of EV SSL certificate is necessary. An EV certificate provides additional company recognition by displaying your organization’s name on the right side of the address bar. This is the only way to get your company’s name into the address bar.

Multiple Domain Names

If your organization needs to administer multiple domains with one SSL certificate, you may need a Unified Communication SSL that can be added to your Standard, Wildcard, or Organization SSL and let you manage multiple domains with one SSL certificate. Domains with alternative postfixes, such as: .com, .org, .net, and .biz are examples of different domains used in different contexts.


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