3EX is a premier global provider of fully scalable hosting solutions. With an adaptable network suited to maximizing your organization's operational efficiencies, to providing world class infrastructural support; our servers are both secure and flexible to the needs of any enterprise. With technology markets heating up, our fully managed IT products and services are poised for rapid growth this year. Furthermore, our location in Miami makes us an ideal choice for organizations seeking to expand their presence in the Americas, providing a US base for dedicated servers and information processing. Businesses are increasingly looking at managed services as a solution for creating a value proposition which includes both cost savings and a competitive advantage to achieve their business goals, as well as more efficiently manage their human resources.

Our Products

Cloud Servers

Cloud servers allow companies to quickly scale computing power and investment as operation needs dictate, accelerating return on investment and freeing up capital. Other benefits of cloud computing include the standardization of business processes such as order management and digital asset management (online content), or industry-specific functions such as electronic medical records for healthcare. These processes increase efficiency, thereby reducing time and capital expenditures and supporting productivity.


Colocation allows for higher bandwidth speeds and better redundancy across systems. Other benefits include continuously updated software, and physical reliability; whether there is a power outage, or if a company needs to relocate. Colocation is a perfect solution for businesses that need complex network infrastructure without providing for a full-time IT department or having the physical capability to store and secure servers.

Our Solutions

Managed Services

Managed services can reduce costs and focus financial and human capital on the businesses core service, without losing innovation or performance. Aside from benefiting efficiency best practices, outsourcing a business’s IT needs can help the organization focus on maintaining relationships with customers, vendors, and partners. Defining value is the cornerstone of success in selling managed services. Being able to quantify how costly downtime is to a business shows customers the importance of hiring expertise to manage these details.

Our Promise

3EX employs world-class encryption, authentication, and identity management services to all our products. With ever-increasing security concerns, our redundant systems ensure continuous uptime for your company as well as the most current security protocols to protect your information. Our data centers employ sophisticated security measures to guarantee information protection. From around the clock security guards, to biometric verification, redundant power systems, and double built walls, our centers allow only authorized access and no one else.

With managed IT services being extremely competitive, our market differentiation lies not only in having the widest selection of tools and options for a company’s servers, but in having an expert, in-house team to manage those systems. 3EXs innovative approach to delivering complex solutions to our clients combined with a proven expertise in our technology, positions us as a leader in hosting solutions.

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