Imagine owning your own high-speed network €”at a fraction of the usual cost. Colocation can be an invaluable asset for businesses in early stages or those with only a transient need for technology. The ability to delegate the maintenance, support, and even the design of your technology to another trusted company can be a time-saver and a massive money saver for your business.

3EX’s€ ten colocation data centers in North America, all located near major metropolitan business centers, provide dependable service that remains unmatched in the industry:


  • Free cross-connect and transparent pricing.
  • Constant monitoring of bandwidth usage and updates at each usage interval €”so there are no surprises.
  • Secure systems with redundancies built-in, so even if there’€™s a system failure, your data is safe.
  • Environment planning, evaluation and scaling that ensures your space is used at maximum efficiency.
  • 3EX guaranteed 99.7% power up-time and constant network access.
Simple & Transparent
With free cross-connection, secure, redundant, and monitored systems, biometric security options, and regular maintenance options, the list of features that 3EX provides goes on and on.
Secure & Redundant
The best part about our tech support methods? Even while we work to make sure your systems are secure and protected, your uptime and running machines will not be affected. We work behind-the-scenes and keep you updated on our latest security protocols and the steps we have taken to protect you.
Proactive & Guaranteed
3EX also practices a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to troubleshooting. We perform regular maintenance and work to constantly improve our systems.

3Ex servers are engineered around the latest Intel processors using the highest quality components. There’s no wasted resources and no weak link, just great value hosting. When you partner with 3EX, we are by your side, through thick and thin.

Looking for Colocation in Miami? Call 3EX to get winning, proven service today.